Abu Dhabi Global Market

Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) is a newly created international financial center situated in the Al Maryah Island in Abu Dhabi. It is the center of UAE’s capital city.

The Financial Services Regulator, the Registration Bureau and the Courts are the three self-regulating establishments located in the ADGM.The Sowwah Square was renamed as the Abu Dhabi Global Market Square (ADGM Square) in January 2015. This was officially announced by the Abu Dhabi Global Market.

Al Maryah Island is the center to the Abu Dhabi government’s long-term progress plans for the EK  32. The area was declared as a jurisdiction of Abu Dhabi Global Market as well as a financial free zone through the Cabinet Resolution Number 15 of 2013.The island is made up of a huge 114-hectare with the position of existing as a financial free zone. This island shall contain financial, commercial, leisure, entertainment and residential developments and facilities planned to answer Abu Dhabi’s long-term progressive and financial goals.

ADGM is also a well-known authorized financial center. Additionally, it has a reliable dispute resolution, regulatory and judicial system.

Mission of ADGM:

Become the biggest contributor to the modification of Abu Dhabi by 2030.

Become the regional leader in knowledge development, professionalism and business efficiency.

Five Key Values of ADGM:

  • INNOVATION – Drive and inspire a culture with inventive and competitive spirit.
  • RECOGNITION – Develop & bear an effective business and financial ecosystem with internationally recognized market regulations, maintained by an independent judicial structure.
  • COLLABORATION – Lead and adopt partnerships with ADGM’s partners & stakeholders for the profit of the UAE.
  • ECONOMIC RESPONSIBILITY – Become the leader in international center backing up business formulation, innovation and financial intermediation to aid the development of economies of the UAE and MENA area.
  • GATEWAY – Become the favored gateway to local, regional and international institutions in Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia.

Financial activities that can operate within the ADGM:

  1. Professional service providers, such as law firms and accounting firms, consultants, business training providers, IT and HR or search firms
  2. Corporate headquarters, management offices and treasury functions
  3. Single family offices & proprietary investment entities
  4. Holding companies & special purpose vehicles
  5. Industry & professional associations
  6. Retail outlets, F&B and services

Other benefits of ADGM

  • Dual Licensing.

At ADGM, dual licensing allows ADGM registered entities that fulfill the eligibility criteria to apply for an Abu Dhabi DED Commercial License. They can apply without having a physical presence outside of the ADGM jurisdiction within Abu Dhabi.

To hold a valid ADGM Commercial License, the ADGM registered entity must fulfill the following criteria: Company, Partnership or Protected Cell operating eligible business activities must have a valid lease registration certificate at ADGM.

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