ADNOC Registration


How suppliers get register to it?

The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company which is commonly known as ADNOC was established in 1971 which deals in oil and petroleum companies in United Arab Emirates, and taking long strides since then. Today, the company ranks 7th among the top oil producing company based on the report of OPEC. The products and services offered by ADNOC are diversified and are a boon to the petrochemical industries. The company takes charge of transportation, marketing, shipping and also the distribution of the fuels. The organization believes in strong relationships and encourages its employees to utilize their services and remain with the organization so that the bond with the company and organization is maintained. In order to maintain the good relation with the customer, this organization follows the principles of total quality management. This company utilizes the customer feedback in the positive way in order to enhance its growth. With the constant growth and the customer oriented company policies it is definitely a privilege for any supplier or manufacture to be a part of ADNOC.

Why ADNOC is considered to be the best?

ADNOC’s efforts in the exploration and production field have always been focused on assessing undiscovered reserves and optimizing the hydrocarbon recovery by improving reservoir management. The company is also deeply committed towards sustainable development, and so does not take measures which might prove harmful to the environment resources and the people. There has also been considerable rise in the gas fields and oil production to meet the industry needs and demands. ADNOC has 14 subsidiary companies working in fields related to its own. These are as follows: ADCO, BOROUGE, GASCO, ESNAAD, ADMA-OPCO, ADGAS, NDC, TAKREER, IRSHAAD, ZADCO, FERTIL, NGSCO, ADNOC Distribution and ADNATCO. The companies are responsible for oil refining and gas processing, support services, exploration, transportation, products and by-products and distribution, thus occupying the whole of the petroleum industry in Abu Dhabi.


The vision of the company is to become value-added supplier of integrated, high quality and eco-friendly products.

How to Register With ADNOC

If you are a supplier who wants to cease this unique opportunity to register with the ADNOC, you can be sure of our expert consultancy services at HLB HAMT to make your registering process streamlined and as easy as possible.

With the growing business each subsidiary of ADNOC has started to expand over the last few years. One such subsidiary is GASCO, it is in the verge to becoming the most innovative and respected supplier of Gas and hydrocarbons in the UAE. It is a world class company dedicated towards sustainable development, and so has a set standard for selecting vendors. Even the other subsidiaries have a set standards and guidelines to select vendors. There are a lot of things that are considered, for example the license data, address data, privacy statements, and all the details of the vendors. With all these things taken into consideration the registration can become a complicated process. We at HLB HAMT provide assistance to our esteemed customers. Our team of experts is very well versed with all the processes of the ADNOC and its various subsidiaries. We analyze the vendor’s requirements and suggest them the best solution. We assist our clients and provide expert solutions and the methods to register with the ADNOC. The process is quite a long one, and so we also help our clients to implement effective plan to make the process much organized and easy. The interested clients can contact us for any clarification on the process of registration, and our team of experts will be more than happy to help in this regard.