Abu Dhabi Department of Government Support

Abu Dhabi Department of Government Support
by Aswani

About Abu Dhabi Department of Government Support(DGS):

With a sole objective of regulating and integrating the procurement and tendering process of various Abu Dhabi government entities, the Emirate of Abu Dhabi has formed the Department of Government Support (DGS)

DGS mainly aims to:

  • Create win-win opportunities between the Private sector and Government sector by creating partnerships
  • Lay down the regulatory and operational frameworks for Government procurement and bidding
  • Work closely with all government entities to implement initiatives and projects
  • Develop and provide a Centralized IT-based platform for government procurement

Some of the notable government entities, whose Supplier registration now come under this DGS program include:

  • Abu Dhabi City Municipality
  • Abu Dhabi Digital Authority
  • Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority
  • Abu Dhabi Sports Council
  • Dept. of Economic Development
  • Dept. of Education and knowledge
  • Dept. of Energy
  • Dept. of Finance
  • Dept. Of Health
  • Dept. of Transport
  • Human Resources Authority and many more

Supplier Registration with Abu Dhabi DGS:

  • Companies having a valid Abu Dhabi DED license are eligible to be registered with DGS as Suppliers.
  • Non-Abu Dhabi DED licensed companies can be registered with DGS by requesting the particular Abu Dhabi government entity (whose project the Company is interested in Tendering) to submit an ‘Entity–Raised Registration Request’ on their behalf to start the registration process

Some of the basic registration documents include:

  • Commercial license
  • Tax registration certificate (Or valid justification on Company letterhead if not registered for TRN)
  • Authorization on Company Letterhead for the person authorized to provide registration information on behalf of the supplier
  • Bank Account Confirmation Letter

If your company is further interested in exploring the endless business opportunities from the Abu Dhabi government sector and is looking to register with Abu Dhabi Dept. of Government Support, we at HLB HAMT, can provide our expertise and professional services.