ADGM Tech Start-up License Abu dhabi

ADGM Tech Start-up License Abu dhabi
by Aswani

Tech Start-up License

Abu Dhabi is an appealing site for investors to start a business since it is the UAE’s capital, a significant base of trade, commerce, and a doorway to other economies. Technology has advanced at an accelerating rate during the last few years.  Because of its rapid adoption trends and access to funding, the Middle East has long been an intriguing market.

For innovative, technology-driven firms with novel corporate ideas, Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) provides a tech start-up company license with multiple perks and reward schemes.

The ADGM Tech Startup License allows local and foreign investors to establish a business in Abu Dhabi without having to pay exorbitant startup charges for the first two years. The license is a full-commercial license that allows you to invoice customers without any limits.

The emphasis is on technology-driven businesses with a viable and creative business model that can expand and be applied in the UAE. Both domestic and foreign startups are eligible to apply.

What is the procedure for obtaining a Tech Startup License?

  • Application, which includes a thorough business model and KYC
  • Pre-screening and authorization issue
  • Execution of the legal structure’s registration with the Registration Authority
  • Obtaining a license
  • Visa processing requires an establishment card and e-channel registration

Benefits of Tech Start-up License

  • Accessibility to the Hub71 community, featuring accelerator programmes
  • Mentoring and expertise from local and international entrepreneurs
  • For each desk space, 1.5 visas can be obtained.
  • For the first five years of operation, licence prices are cheap.
  • ADGM is a self-governing entity with a well-established English common law system.
  • Capital repatriation is not restricted.
  • 100% foreign ownership and 0% corporation tax
  • No restrictions on currency
  • License payments are subsidised, and you have access to top-notch working space.
  • There is no minimum share capital requirement.

Who Should Apply for License?

  • Startups with the ability to spread Internationally
  • Tech firms that enable long-term economic development
  • Startups with a cutting-edge technology business strategy
  • Local, regional, and worldwide startups
  • A business concept and corporate structure must be compliant with the ADGM regulations.

Businesses can reap the benefits of ADGM’s network of advisers and corporate partners, as well as its supporting business climate and known legal and regulatory procedures, with the Tech Start-up License.

If you’re a tech firm wanting to open up a business in Abu Dhabi, the ADGM’s Tech Start-up License could be worth checking into, since it allows businesses to do so for a very low fee and without the requirement for a physical office.

HLB Abu Dhabi can offer you competent specialists who can help you determine whether the freelancer license is the best fit for you and lead you through the necessary steps to obtain the license quickly and seamlessly.