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Business Restructuring Services in Abu dhabi

Regardless of the underlying reasons for your challenges, certain indicators suggest that our expertise could be valuable to you:

  • Market downturn or shifting consumer preferences affecting your business
  • High debt levels or liquidity issues
  • Trading at distressed levels
  • Corporate structure no longer aligns with business objectives
  • Inconsistent performance of units or subsidiaries with group strategy, necessitating divestment of non-core operations
  • Concerns from business or financial stakeholders prompting the appointment of independent reporting accountants
  • Managing exposure as a stakeholder in a distressed business
  • Need for changes in capital structure
  • Initiating discussions with lenders

Our services are designed to address these complexities and guide businesses through restructuring processes effectively.

Comprehensive Business Restructuring Services Offered by HLB

HLB International is a leading authority on business and organizational restructuring, business recovery, and insolvency services, operating extensively across numerous countries. Through our global network of proficient professionals, we swiftly deliver cross-border services to stakeholders of distressed and severely underperforming businesses.

As an independent member firm of HLB International, we provide a comprehensive range of business restructuring services in the Middle East:

  • Independent Business Review: An analysis covering current status, deviations from projections, future goals, feasibility of plans, and anticipated challenges.
  • Options Review: Assessment of available alternatives, their advantages and disadvantages, and recommended strategies moving forward.
  • Financial Advice and Arrangement Assistance: Design, negotiation, and implementation tailored to specific circumstances.
  • Contingency Planning: Development of backup strategies if consensual restructuring is unattainable, preparing for various scenarios.
  • Corporate Simplification: Streamlining group structures to reduce operational costs and optimize capital restructuring.
  • Optimized Exits: Designing and executing controlled exit strategies to preserve and enhance value.
  • Business and Operational Restructuring: Devising or reviewing restructuring plans, and reporting on progress and implementation.

Our professionals are recognized for their adeptness in swiftly identifying issues, fostering cooperation, crafting viable solutions, and executing them with sensitivity and precision. We offer comprehensive advisory and implementation services, ranging from turnaround and corporate restructuring plans to strategic exit strategies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I consider restructuring my business?

Business restructuring may be necessary under various circumstances, such as significant changes in market conditions—whether downturns or opportunities—and when facing liquidity challenges, outdated corporate structures, or the need for adjustments in capital structure or shareholding.

What are the benefits of restructuring my company?

Restructuring your company at the appropriate time prepares you better for future business challenges. Delaying this process often leads to substantial financial and operational setbacks.

What industries does HLB Abu Dhabi cover for restructuring?

Restructuring efforts are typically sector-agnostic but require a solid grasp of business operations. Our team possesses expertise across various industries including Retail, FMCG, Trading, Construction, Real Estate, Leasing, Professional Services, Marine, Hospitality, and multiple manufacturing sectors. Additionally, through HLB International, we have access to specialists with diverse expertise who can address specific industry requirements.

Does HLB Abu Dhabi provide services beyond restructuring?

HLB Abu Dhabi’s specialized teams offer a range of services essential post-restructuring. This includes restructuring roles and departments, establishing legal entities resulting from restructuring, setting budgets, controls, and KPIs, among others. Our teams collaborate seamlessly to deliver integrated solutions to clients.

Our Transaction Advisory team collaborates closely with financial institutions and investors interested in partnering with companies during restructuring phases. This enables us to assist clients in accessing appropriate financial support from lenders or investors during restructuring.

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