Why Abu Dhabi Airport Freezone is the Best Choice for Company Formation

HLB ABUDHABI Team In the vibrant and fast-evolving business landscape of Abu Dhabi, the Abu Dhabi Airport Freezone (ADAFZ) stands out as a premier destination for entrepreneurs and established companies alike. If you’re looking to tap into the booming UAE market, forming an onshore company in ADAFZ might be the strategic move you need. Why […]

All you need to know in Offshore Company Formation

HLB ABUDHABI Team Dubai is an emirate that seems to be a paradise for investors. This is due to favorable government policies that are in place in UAE. The infrastructural development is also another factor that gives investors a motivation to start companies in Dubai. Offshore company formation has a number of good factors that are […]

Business Registration in Abu Dhabi – An Overview

HLB ABUDHABI Team Abu Dhabi holds all the key elements which are necessary for industrial growth. It includes exchange of precision, creativity and skills which are highly appreciated by the liberal entrepreneurial market. This place holds the numerous prospects for vast business diversification including sectors like chemical hub, construction industry, food and culinary sector, transport business, […]

Company Formation In Abu Dhabi – An Entrepreneur’s Dream Business

HLB ABUDHABI Team Abu Dhabi, the political capital of the United Arab Emirates is one of the most preferred off shoring destinations in the world. It is one among the most commercially promising seven Emirates of UAE.  It has various prospects for free offshore businesses that are attracting the global entrepreneur crowd. It offers wide investment […]

The New Old Economics of Free Trade World Wide

HLB ABUDHABI Team Does economics still believe in free trade? The discipline has urged the case for open markets since its earliest days, but lately not so much. Recent research is seen as calling the faith into question. When Mitt Romney recently attacked Donald Trump for threatening a trade war that would plunge the U.S. […]

A Basic Income Should Be the Next Big Thing

HLB ABUDHABI Team Now and then a worthy economic proposal comes along that seems as politically unattainable as it is sensible. Then, on closer inspection, you see that it’s more than a policy-wonk’s fantasy. And you wonder whether it could actually prevail. This may be happening with the concept of a universal basic income. The […]

Overcoming Our Inordinate Fear of Inflation

HLB ABUDHABI Team The harm of inflation cited in economics textbooks seems laughably unimportant. For example, inflation generates so-called shoe-leather costs — a term for the hassle of moving money from one’s brokerage or savings account to one’s checking account. This hassle is larger when prices change a lot, since you have to put spending […]

Why We’re Still Arguing Whether QE Worked

HLB ABUDHABI Team How many times have you heard someone say that the Federal Reserve’s asset-purchase program known as quantitative easing was ineffective? At least, that’s what I keep hearing from the usual pundits arguing their case. I have my own suspicions that monetary stimulus works well enough to thaw frozen credit markets, as it […]

There’s No Such Thing as an Economic Miracle

HLB ABUDHABI Team One of the less heralded truths of economics is that growth miracles, while they make for good press, are overrated. It’s an insight that could help us better understand the outlook for developing countries such as China. Most of the world’s wealthiest and best-governed countries got there without super-rapid bursts of growth. […]

Data Geeks Are Taking Over Economics

HLB ABUDHABI Team For a few decades, economists used to imagine how the world works, write down a theory describing their idea, and call it a day. If some statisticians came along and found some support for the theory, well, great! But usually they didn’t, and that was fine too. As one old joke put […]

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