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HR Business Process Outsourcing in Abu dhabi

Outsourcing has become a common procedure as it helps in the overall growth of an organization and in reducing the time and resources spent by the in-house HR professionals. HR business process is vast and involves numerous areas of functioning. Why do organizations choose to outsource HR functions? It guarantees specialized and experienced services from professionals in a more systematic way. Outsourcing an entire business process rather than outsourcing a part of the process has proven to be more useful for organizations.

Benefits of HR outsourcing in Abu Dhabi

Outsourcing your HR process to a reputable consultancy in Abu Dhabi offers numerous advantages, including:

  1. Cost and risk reduction
  2. Compliance with local laws and regulations
  3. Access to advanced HR IT systems
  4. Increased flexibility and responsiveness
  5. Access to a team of HR experts
  6. Streamlined hiring and orientation processes
  7. Enhanced employee engagement
  8. Improved talent retention and attraction
  9. Development of a positive workplace culture through training and development initiatives
  10. Access to competitive benefits packages at cost-effective rates

HLB Abu Dhabi, recognized as one of the leading payroll service providers in Abu Dhabi, has been serving a diverse clientele for over two decades. Leveraging our extensive experience and efficient skills, we offer a range of HR Business Process Outsourcing services tailored for organizations in Abu Dhabi. By outsourcing HR processes to HLB Abu Dhabi, organizations can achieve significant cost savings and leverage these benefits effectively.

HLB Abu dhabi services:

HR Help Desk Service

The HR Help Desk serves as a central information hub for employees, addressing queries related to human resources promptly and effectively.

Employment Contracts Review & Drafting

Ensuring compliance with labor laws, we review and draft employment contracts for new hires, facilitating smooth onboarding processes.

New Hire Onboarding

We support new employees’ integration into the organization by providing essential resources and guidance to help them acclimate to their roles.

Employee Document Management

Our service includes organizing and managing employee documents in accordance with local statutory requirements, ensuring compliance and accessibility.

Employee Handbook Management

Expertly crafted and regularly updated employee handbooks help ensure adherence to organizational policies and guidelines.

PRO Services

Outsourcing PRO services reduces risk and ensures compliance with government regulations, saving costs and avoiding fines and delays.

Medical Insurance Administration

Managing employee medical insurance claims efficiently, ensuring comprehensive coverage and compliance with organizational policies.

Online Employee Clearance

Managing the essential process of employee clearance thoroughly, ensuring all necessary steps are completed upon separation from employment.

Letters & Certificates

Handling the documentation needs of the organization, including drafting letters and certificates as required by employees and the company.

Online Exit Interview

Conducting meaningful exit interviews to gather insights on employee experiences, workplace culture, and areas for improvement.

These services provided by HLB Abu Dhabi streamline HR processes, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and support for organizational growth and employee satisfaction.

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