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Register as an ADNOC Vendor: Abu Dhabi’s Energy Sector


Collaborating with the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) opens doors to lucrative projects and positions your business at the heart of the dynamic energy industry. But securing ADNOC vendor approval requires navigating a specific registration process. This blog equips you with the essential knowledge and guides you through the key steps.

Why Become an ADNOC Vendor?

ADNOC, a global energy leader, contributes significantly to Abu Dhabi’s economy. Partnering with them means accessing millions in annual contracts and participating in prestigious projects. By registering as an ADNOC vendor, you gain:

  • Increased visibility: Get listed on the ADNOC Supplier List, showcasing your capabilities to project managers and procurement teams.
  • Enhanced credibility: Gain recognition as a trusted supplier that meets ADNOC’s stringent standards.
  • Access to exclusive opportunities: Participate in tenders and bids for exciting ADNOC projects across various sectors.

Key Requirements for ADNOC Vendor Registration

Before embarking on the registration journey, ensure you meet the following criteria:

  • Matching Licence Activities: Your Mainland Abu Dhabi DED Licence (LLC or Foreign Branch) activities must align with the Work/Product list provided by ADNOC.
  • Supreme Petroleum Council (SPC) Approval: Obtain necessary SPC approval for your Trade Licence.
  • Company Information: Gather details like company size, employee count, address, financial audits, ISO certifications, and Ministry of Labour employee list.
  • Ownership and Management Details: Provide ownership details (shareholders and UBOs) and management information with notarized documents.

ADNOC Registration Process:

The ADNOC registration process involves distinct stages:

  • Register and Activate SAP Ariba Account: Create an account on the SAP Ariba platform, granting access to the ADNOC Commercial Directory.
  • Submit Company Details: Through your Ariba account, access the ADNOC Registration portal and upload all required company documents and information.
  • ADNOC Review: Allow approximately one week for ADNOC to review your submission and assess your eligibility.
  • Pre-Qualification: If successful, provide examples of past projects and additional technical information as requested.
  • Acceptance: Upon successful pre-qualification, you’ll be listed on the ADNOC Supplier List as an approved vendor.

How HLB Abu Dhabi Can Help

Navigating the ADNOC vendor registration process can be intricate and time-consuming. HLB Abu Dhabi offers expert assistance, ensuring you:

  • Meet all compliance requirements
  • Gather and submit necessary documentation
  • Navigate the registration process efficiently
  • Increase your chances of successful approval

By understanding the ADNOC vendor registration process and its requirements, you can unlock exciting opportunities within the Abu Dhabi energy sector. Partnering with HLB Abu Dhabi streamlines the journey, maximizing your chances of becoming an approved ADNOC vendor.

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