RPA Services

RPA Services
by Aswani

RPA Services

There has been an exponential growth in business tools and applications over the last couple of years and hence it has become extremely difficult to manage disparate data streams. This is where robotic process automation comes to use. With the help of this application, multiple systems can be directed towards a unified corporate goal and repetitive tasks can be automated.
Prior to selecting an RPA solution or platform, there are certain factors that need to be taken care of and these include complete knowledge on the businesses processes, objectives of the company and whether they are suitable for automation.

The Advantages of RPA are many:- 

  • Reduced Costs and Operational Risks
  • Better customer experience
  • Flexibility and Simplicity
  • Minimizes errors
  • Automates mundane tasks

RPA might guarantee numerous benefits, but all implementations may not be successful. Some of them fail drastically, mainly because of a lack of user adoption.

HLB HAMT will assist in the implementation of an effective RPA program.

Our Services include;

Developing RPA Strategy

Prior to developing an RPA strategy, thorough research is done on the specific objectives, governance, IT infrastructure, security, culture, and change management protocols of the client company.

Process Evaluation

Examines the different processes that are suitable for automation and standardizes these processes.

Infrastructure Validation

Checks whether the IT infrastructure and data structure are ready for automation and also analyzes the appropriateness of automation-software options.

BOT Development

Creates, tests, and sets up RPA bots. These bots are capable of managing complicated tasks and achieving targeted benefits.

Training and Change Management

Trains end-users and administrators about the automation process and assist them to deal with the operational and organizational impacts of automation

Center of Excellence (COE) Design
A COE design and governance model for a stable and administered RPA function.

Operate and Maintain

Supports RPA activities and helps with the administration of COE and the handling of bots.

Proof of Concept

Manages the pilot execution of RPA offerings and generate the required business case to attain stakeholder buy-in and support.

Our specialists will assist you to implement RPA and we promise a smooth and hassle-free automation journey.