Shutting Down Company in Abu Dhabi? Your Step-by-Step Guide to Company Liquidation

Shutting Down Company in Abu Dhabi? Your Step-by-Step Guide to Company Liquidation
by Aswani

Thinking of shutting down your company in Abu Dhabi? Company liquidation, also known as winding up, is a legal process that formally dissolves your company. This guide will walk you through the steps involved in this process, ensuring a smooth closure.

Understanding the Liquidation Process

Company liquidation involves several procedures, including appointing a liquidator, notifying government entities, and cancelling your business license. The specific steps may vary depending on your company’s ownership structure, chosen liquidation method, and jurisdiction of registration.

For instance, Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) formed in the UAE require a notarized resolution by a Notary Public. If shareholders reside outside the UAE, the resolution needs to be attested at the relevant UAE embassy and further authenticated by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Justice.

Liquidation Process in Abu Dhabi

Here’s a breakdown of the typical business liquidation process in Abu Dhabi:

  1. Appoint a Liquidator: Choose a qualified professional to handle the liquidation process. Obtain a written acceptance letter from the appointed liquidator.
  2. Publish a Liquidation Notice: Publicly announce your company’s closure by placing a notice in a local newspaper, both in English and Arabic.
  3. Submit Documents: File the shareholders’ resolution along with required documents and fees with the concerned licensing authority.
  4. Prepare Liquidation Report (if applicable): Once the notice period is complete (in certain cases), the liquidator will prepare a comprehensive report outlining the company’s financial status.
  5. Final Report Submission: Submit the final report, along with necessary documents and fees, to the relevant authority.
  6. License Cancellation: Upon verifying all documents, the authority will issue a “license cancellation certificate,” officially dissolving your company.

Required Documents for Liquidation in Abu Dhabi

  • Copy of your business license
  • Updated copy of the Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  • Power of Attorney (if applicable)
  • Copies of all shareholders’ passports
  • Copies of Emirates IDs for all shareholders
  • Resolution passed by shareholders for company closure
  • Deregistration application form

Seeking Professional Help

The process can be complex, and seeking assistance from a professional liquidation service provider is highly recommended. These companies can offer a range of services, including:

  • Liquidator Appointment: They can act as your liquidator or help you find a qualified professional.
  • Process Management: They can guide you through each step of the liquidation process.
  • Asset Disposal: They can assist in selling or disposing of your company’s assets.
  • Creditor Payments: They can ensure proper settlements with your creditors.
  • Documentation Management: They can handle the preparation and submission of all required documents.
  • Accounting and Reporting: They can manage ongoing and liquidation-specific accounting needs.

Liquidation in Free Zones

The UAE boasts a network of free zones, all operating under independent regulations. The local government of each emirate governs the businesses operating within its free zone.

There are three main types of company liquidation procedures applicable to UAE free zones:

  • Company Liquidation: This is the most common option for businesses with no outstanding debts or the ability to settle all debts within six months, following a declaration of solvency.
  • Creditors’ Liquidation: This option involves a company decision to cease operations, followed by a meeting with creditors to discuss debt settlement.
  • Bankruptcy: As per UAE Commercial Transactions Law No. 18 of 1993, a court can initiate bankruptcy proceedings.


Closing a business can be a challenging process. By understanding the steps involved and seeking professional guidance, you can ensure a smooth and compliant company liquidation in Abu Dhabi.

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