VAT Audit Liaison with FTA

VAT Audit Liaison with FTA
by Aswani

VAT Audit Liaison with FTA

A Value Added Tax (VAT) audit conducted by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) in the UAE can be a rigorous and demanding undertaking.  Such audits often involve a meticulous examination of a company’s financial records and transactions, requiring clear communication, meticulous record-keeping, and a thorough understanding of complex VAT regulations.

 HLB Abu Dhabi recognizes the challenges businesses face during a VAT audit. We offer a comprehensive VAT Audit Liaison service designed to guide you through this process effectively.

What is a VAT Audit Liaison?

A VAT Audit Liaison serves as a bridge between your business and the FTA during a VAT audit.  Our team of experienced tax professionals will act as your primary point of contact, fostering clear and professional communication throughout the entire engagement.

Why Choose HLB Abu Dhabi as Your VAT Audit Liaison?

    • Expert Representation: Our team of VAT specialists will act as your primary point of contact with the FTA throughout the audit. We’ll ensure clear and professional communication, addressing any questions or concerns promptly.
    • Streamlined Communication:  We handle all communication with the FTA on your behalf, eliminating the burden of navigating complex tax jargon and ensuring efficient information exchange. 
    • Meticulous Record Management: Our team will meticulously review your financial records and ensure they align with FTA requirements. We’ll proactively identify any potential discrepancies and guide you through the process of rectification.
    • Risk Mitigation Strategies:  Should any discrepancies be discovered, we’ll work with you to develop effective risk mitigation strategies. This may involve rectifying errors or negotiating with the FTA to minimize potential penalties.
    • Peace of Mind:  Our VAT audit liaison services allow you to focus on your core business operations while we handle the complexities of the audit process. This ensures you stay informed and minimizes stress during this critical period