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Conducting Feasibility Studies in Abu Dhabi

A comprehensive feasibility study is essential for organizations to assess the viability of their projects. These studies help organizations forecast potential positive and negative outcomes before committing valuable resources.

Thorough research and execution of a feasibility study are crucial in identifying potential challenges that may arise during project implementation, as well as understanding the financial, operational, and organizational impacts. It evaluates whether a project can be successful considering all influencing factors.

For high-quality business feasibility studies in Abu Dhabi, investing in experienced organizational consultants is imperative. Our consultants bring extensive expertise in developing business plans and conducting feasibility studies to ensure informed decision-making and project success.

Elements of a Feasibility Study

Our feasibility study services in Abu Dhabi encompass several key elements, typically including:

  • Project Overview: This section outlines the project, its products or services, business model, and delivery method.
  • Market Feasibility: Defines potential buyers, competitors, industry dynamics, current and future market potential, and sales projections.
  • Technical Feasibility: Details aspects such as product or service delivery, including labor requirements, raw materials, transportation needs, technological requirements, and business locations.
  • Financial Feasibility: Provides a financial forecast detailing funding requirements, types of funding, and projected Profit & Loss (P&L), Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow statements. Assumptions, sensitivity analysis, and graphical representation of key financial data are also included.
  • Organizational Feasibility: Explores the corporate and legal framework of the company, including information about founders, their professional backgrounds, and skills relevant to starting and sustaining operations.

HLB Abu Dhabi: Feasibility Study Consultants in Abu Dhabi

Our team focuses diligently on understanding your business model, customer base, technological requirements, and handling complex data. Skills include clear communication, multitasking, organizational prowess, as well as analytical, observational, and critical thinking abilities.

We conduct independent market research using our resources and collaborate with leading market research firms in the UAE to gather authentic market data, forming the bedrock of robust feasibility studies.

Our deliverables to clients include comprehensive reports and presentations, supported by detailed financial models created using spreadsheets. Additionally, we develop concise project teaser documents that potential investors can review to make informed investment decisions.

We are committed to helping you evaluate your prospects for success, providing the assurance and confidence necessary for investor participation in your ventures.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Feasibility Study

Why is a financial feasibility study important for any business in Abu Dhabi?

A financial feasibility study provides crucial insights into how a business will perform financially over a specific period. Whether it’s a new venture or an existing organization planning to invest in a new project, understanding the financial implications of the business plan is essential. In Abu Dhabi, a market offering ample opportunities but also competitive challenges, a thorough financial feasibility study is particularly critical.

What are the main deliverables from a comprehensive financial feasibility study in Abu Dhabi?

A comprehensive financial feasibility study starts by documenting all assumptions underlying the business plan. It then projects the essential financial statements: Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow statements. Additionally, the study calculates the Net Present Value (NPV) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) to determine the project’s viability.

In which sectors does HLB Abu Dhabi offer feasibility study services?

HLB Abu Dhabi provides feasibility studies across various sectors including Food and Beverage, Real Estate, E-commerce, Technology, Manufacturing, Retail, Hospitality, and others.

Do you conduct market feasibility studies in Abu Dhabi?

Yes, we conduct market feasibility studies in Abu Dhabi and other parts of the UAE by collaborating with reputable market research firms. Additionally, our consultants conduct primary field-level market research for specific projects, integrating these findings into comprehensive feasibility studies.

Do you prepare feasibility reports for bank loans in Abu Dhabi?

Yes, we prepare financial feasibility studies that are widely accepted by leading banks in Abu Dhabi. With over 20 years of serving clients in Abu Dhabi, our reports meet the criteria most banks look for when assessing project feasibility.

Do you provide feasibility reports for SMEs in Abu Dhabi?

Yes, SMEs are a significant focus of our services in Abu Dhabi. Our team understands the unique challenges faced by SMEs and provides tailored feasibility study insights for their funding requirements, whether through banks, investors, or other SME funding institutions.

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