Payroll Services in Abu dhabi

Payroll Services in Abu dhabi
by Aswani

Payroll Services

Payroll is a vast and crucial process that involves careful monitoring. It is not just about calculating wages of employees, but includes efficient management of many other factors that include leave, travel expense, accruals etc.
For the proper functioning of an organization, accurate and on-time payment of salaries is a must. Rather than wasting your time and resource on calculating wages and related things, the best solution would be to outsource your payroll function.

What we do

Handling multi-country payroll

It is not easy to manage multi-currency payroll from one location. Outsourcing will enable the centralization of payroll and its effective management from a single location.

Tracking and verifying variables

Payroll experts will ensure that variables such as education and housing allowances, air ticket allowances, leave management, general, and travel expense management are tracked and verified.

Accuracy and less cost

We promise complete confidentiality, transparency, and accuracy and the best resource at a minimal cost.

Customized Payroll Application

We are ready to customize our services according to the specific requirements of the clients, which will help them achieve optimal results.

Payroll reports

It is always challenging and difficult to generate various statutory reports and all in-house applications may not have the functionality to create these reports. Our team produces reports specific to every organization.

Employee Self Service Portal (ESS)

With the help of the employee self-service portal, the time required for manual requests and approval processes can be reduced. The portal can be used for diverse purposes such as applying for leave, reviewing timesheet, inquiring about available loan programs, requesting for overtime payment, viewing compensation history, and submitting reimbursement slips.

Team of Experts

There might be changes in payroll-related stuff with regards to regulations, rates, and government forms, which staff at your company may not be aware of. A professional team will be updated and will see to it that these factors are taken care of.

We at HLB HAMT, offer customized solutions to our clients and gives due importance to the confidentiality of personal details. Your data will always remain safe in our hands!