Environmental Agency Services

Environmental Agency Services
by Aswani

The Environment Agency Abu Dhabi (EAD) is a significant environmental regulatory body in the Middle East dedicated to safeguarding and developing freshwater, biodiversity in the desert and marine environments, and quality of air.

The three fundamental pillars of sustainability—the environmental, economic, and social visions—were taken into consideration while developing the Emirate’s environmental vision.

Environmental Vision 2030

The Environment Vision 2030 was established as a result of the EAD’s identification of five crucial areas that needed emphasis and focus. The initiative was developed as a result of widespread concern and emphasis on the terrible effects of climate change.

Global warming and the disappearance of the polar ice caps have made people feel more responsible for taking necessary action to protect the environment. These five areas of attention include

  • Global Warming

Reducing the negative effects of climate change

  • Noise Pollution

Help to create a healthy and secure environment.

  • Water Preservation

Effective water resource management

  • Ecosystems, biodiversity, and cultural identity

For the wellbeing of both present and future generations

  • Waste Management

Value creation is improved through optimized handling of waste


We are all familiar with the fact that the Middle East is a major center for the oil industry. Given the value of commodities like petroleum and oil for all nations, this does not make the UAE any less of a participant in the global oil market. But just like Abu Dhabi, Emirates has seen a sharp spike in the expansion of a wide range of commercial sectors. This is why many entrepreneurs choose to establish their businesses in the UAE.

The hospitality industry, the academic industry, the business services, financial services, and the IT industry are a few significant business sectors that have increased their contributions to the economy.

By encouraging contemporary ideas of sustainability, business creation, and harmonious growth through public-private partnerships as well as entrepreneurial endeavors, this step will assist Abu Dhabi in creating a globalized, culturally responsive economy.

HLB Abu Dhabi to Assist!

Although the Abu Dhabi market is enormous and always evolving, consulting companies are the organisations that consistently monitor the market’s shifting patterns. To make the process of starting a business in the UAE simpler, new entrepreneurs may enlist the assistance of such business specialists.

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