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Policy and Process Consultancy in Abu dhabi

Strong business processes are essential for organizations to operate effectively. Establishing clear workflows accessible to all employees reduces dependence on individuals. Well-defined processes enable modern organizations to scale operations and capitalize on emerging market opportunities. HLB Abu Dhabi, a consulting firm specializing in business process management, assists clients in implementing efficient business processes and systems.

We analyze your company’s current structure, workflows, input and output documents, and conduct a comprehensive gap analysis to identify inefficiencies in business processes and organizational structure. Based on this analysis, we propose tailored solutions aligned with the company’s culture, values, and working environment.

Business Process Consulting in Abu Dhabi

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) : Standard Operating Procedures are crucial for guiding process owners and resolving uncertainties within processes. Our business process consultants are skilled in creating meticulous SOPs, ensuring every detail is comprehensively covered. We focus on eliminating identified gaps in existing processes by integrating precise control measures. Additionally, we develop Internal Control Systems to ensure effective SOP implementation. Our services extend to designing review systems, forms, and templates for Management Information System (MIS) reports, laying the groundwork for efficient internal audits and controls.
  • Preparation of Policy Manuals: We assist clients in developing comprehensive policy manuals that facilitate seamless operations across all levels—from the Board to the Executive Team and other employees within the organizational structure. These manuals encompass various departments including HR, IT, Sales, Supply Chain, Finance, and Internal Audit. At the Board level, we support companies in drafting Corporate Governance Manuals and Delegation of Authority Matrices to enhance governance frameworks.
  • ERP Implementation: Preparation For companies planning to implement a new ERP system or migrate to a different one, we provide ERP preparation services. We start by mapping business processes and identifying tasks suitable for automation. Subsequently, we assist organizations in preparing briefs for ERP vendors and evaluate ERP capabilities to help identify the most suitable option.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I have policies for my organization?

Policies provide essential clarity and accountability for day-to-day business decisions. Documented policies streamline operations and offer reassurance to owners and senior executives.

How do I know if my company needs policies?

Policies are crucial for all companies. Whether you’re a new business operating for less than five years with a small team, or a large enterprise with a basic policy framework, lacking policies can lead to efficiency losses and reduced controls. Signs such as delayed payments, confusion among employees, lack of credit term controls, and interdepartmental friction indicate a need for policies.

Would HLB Abu Dhabi provide Policies and Processes?

If so, how are processes different from policies? HLB Abu Dhabi offers policies and processes tailored for various businesses. While policies establish guidelines for decision-making, processes, procedures, and SOPs provide detailed steps and assign responsibilities for achieving specific outcomes.

Does HLB Abu Dhabi cover my industry for these services?

Yes, we cater to industries including Retail, FMCG, Trading, Construction, Leasing, Services, Marine, Hospitality, and several manufacturing sectors.

How will Policies and Processes benefit my business?

Policies and processes enhance efficiency, establish controls, and reduce reliance on individuals. They are instrumental during ERP implementations or software customization, and provide assurance to external auditors. Moreover, they reassure owners and board members of organized and well-controlled operations.

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