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ERP Consultants in Abu Dhabi

HLB Abu Dhabi has established a renowned reputation in ERP consultancy, with a proven track record in strategy development, selection, implementation, organizational change management, and business process reengineering for global clients. Our standardized methodologies are universally adopted across all HLB Abu Dhabi resources, setting the industry benchmark that competitors aspire to achieve. Moreover, we offer flexibility in engaging with clients over extended periods and adjusting project scopes to accommodate evolving needs throughout the engagement.

ERP Solution Providers in Abu Dhabi

Achieving a high return on investment or return on citizenship for your organization requires collaboration with innovative and independent consultants. Our approach ensures transparency in identifying total cost of ownership and compels software vendors to meet your specific needs without surprises.

Our Expertise in Industries

  • Finance
  • Procurement / Supply Chain
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Sales / Distribution
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Asset Management
  • Project Management

Why Choose Us?

Our independently certified consultants bring over 10+ years of expertise, helping you select the optimal ERP solution for your business. We collaborate with all major ERP and associated solutions, serving as strategic partners across UAE and Bahrain.

Our unique strength lies in our deep understanding of diverse business domains and industries. Over the past two decades, we have successfully implemented ERP solutions across various verticals, enhancing processes and performance for numerous organizations. We prioritize maximizing your investment’s return, emphasizing dedication, teamwork, and strategic approaches while maintaining strong client relationships. Our solutions are efficient, innovative, and flexible, tailored to your current needs and future aspirations. Above all, our ERP selection process is unbiased, solely driven by your requirements and fit for your business goals.

Our Focus Areas

  • ERP Software Selection: We assist in identifying the software that aligns best with your organization’s budget, timeline, industry, and operational requirements.
  • ERP Vendor and Contract Negotiations: Augmented by legal experts specializing in ERP contracts, our team helps negotiate favorable short- and long-term costs.
  • ERP Implementation: Our consultants mitigate disruptions and delays associated with enterprise software deployment for your organization.
  • ERP Implementation Planning: Our service ensures not only correct system implementation but also utilizes technology to help your business achieve its optimal performance.
  • ERP Project Management Oversight: We embed best practices within your organization to align project plans, strategies, tactics, and outcomes with long-term goals.
  • ERP Project Recovery: We provide hands-on project management to regain lost momentum and significantly reduce downtime.
  • Automated ERP Solutions: Our integrated RPA + OCR solutions automate manual ERP tasks, ensuring fast, accurate, and efficient workflow outputs.

With our experienced team, we guide you to the ideal ERP solution for your business, addressing HR, management, analytics, financial, accounting, and centralized reporting needs to enhance overall efficiency through streamlined processes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire an ERP consultant in Abu Dhabi?

You understand your business and employees well, but managing everything under one roof can be challenging. ERP consultants have deep knowledge of business management systems and can identify gaps in your current system. They play a crucial role in selecting the right ERP for your business and ensuring successful implementation and integration, making the rapport between you and the ERP consultant essential.

What is the role of an ERP consultant?

ERP consultants are responsible for studying, designing, implementing, and maintaining Enterprise Resource Planning systems for businesses. They establish centralized systems to manage process flows, define system requirements, propose tailored solutions, configure software, and train employees to become proficient users.

What criteria should we use to select an ERP Partner in Abu Dhabi? Criteria for selecting an ERP partner should include:
  • Certification with at least 10+ years of technical experience
  • Domain knowledge and industry-specific implementation history
  • Ability to provide dedicated on-site resources
  • Utilization of relevant tools and methodologies for communication and project management
  • Designated communication leader
  • Expertise in both technical and functional aspects of ERP tools
  • Adherence to agile methodologies
  1. What are the main benefits of implementing an ERP solution in Abu Dhabi? Key benefits of ERP implementation include:
  • Reduced operational costs and increased revenue
  • Centralized dashboard for efficient process management
  • Enhanced visibility into end-to-end processes
  • Analytical reporting for informed decision-making
  • Automation of manual processes
  1. Should I choose On-Premise or Cloud ERP?

On-Premise solutions offer customization but can be cumbersome to upgrade. Cloud ERP often provides superior performance and easier upgrades due to its architecture designed for network optimization. Cloud platforms like Azure and AWS offer additional services that enhance application performance.

How easy is it to select ERP software for my business?

Selecting ERP software without a consultant can be arduous and time-consuming, potentially taking years. With a certified ERP consultant like HLB Abu Dhabi, the process can typically be completed within 2-5 months, depending on your business size and consultant’s efficiency in gathering inputs from relevant departments.

How long does ERP software implementation take?

Implementation duration varies based on scope and resources. Typically, it ranges from 6-12 months for SMEs and over a year for large enterprises, according to our experts.

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