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“Abu Dhabi Export Gateway”: The One-Stop Solution for Businesses in Abu Dhabi


The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) has introduced an appealing initiative known as the “Abu Dhabi Export Gateway” (ADEG), which is a digital platform aiming to broaden the support services provided to local exporting businesses.


This scheme will contribute to the emirate’s gross domestic product, which will also increase as efficiency, exportability, and investment levels rise.

This initiative presents an integrated strategy for exporting at least 100 high-quality local goods from ten different emirate industries that may be sold in more than 60 target international markets. The gateway adds additional value to the export sector by offering a variety of cutting-edge technical options and digital content that are consistent with the Abu Dhabi government’s goal of increasing export levels and the volume of national enterprises’ trading in international markets.

Additionally, ADEG serves as a knowledge hub where users can get facts and statistics on the top local exports as well as details on how important industries in Abu Dhabi and the UAE are progressing economically. The platform also gives traders and industry specialists access to comprehensive market research that addresses all of the demands of the industry, including the key difficulties, and allows for extensive analysis of those difficulties.

The Chairman of ADDED stated that “the ‘Abu Dhabi Export Gateway’ is a one of ADDED’s major initiatives aimed at extending further support to local exports companies and expand their contribution to Abu Dhabi’s gross domestic product (GDP) as efficiency, exporting capacity, investments and businesses are improved, and serve as well the efforts to enhance Abu Dhabi’s competitiveness in international markets.”

ADEG Target Sectors

The ADEG platform is built to support growth as local exporters may add new items they desire to advertise via the platform. It will cover more than 100 local products across 10 different sectors and industries. Let’s look at the different sectors given below.

  • Vehicles & Transport Equipment
  • Textiles
  • Miscellaneous Manufactured
  • Mineral Products
  • Chemical Products
  • Paper & Articles
  • Base Metal
  • Plastics & Rubber
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Gold & Jewelry
  • Perfumes And Cosmetics
  • Cement Ceramic & Glass
  • Food & Beverages

As part of its attempts to stay up with global practices, the department will be able to develop additional services and activities thanks to the ADEG project, which will provide ADDED continual access to export enterprises in the emirate.

By making use of other crucial features like product marketing, looking for business associates, and acquiring knowledge about the projected costs of export processes, the platform will also help exporters confront many difficulties and boost their chances of marketing goods and services to potential markets.


ADEG improves Abu Dhabi’s standing as a MENA area commercial hub. The portal is considered as a stimulator since it will include a variety of cutting-edge technological products that support the Abu Dhabi government’s goals of increasing the non-oil exporting of its domestic businesses to foreign markets. ADEG enhances digitally promoting commerce through industrial, free-trade, land, and air routes allowing productivity, reliability, streamlined processes, and transparency to support Abu Dhabi’s goal of becoming a major hub for international commerce and logistics.

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