Abudhabi tourism business licenses limited at dh1000 per year

Abudhabi tourism business licenses limited at dh1000 per year
by Aswani

The United Arab Emirates has evolved at a breakneck pace in its 50 years of existence, with Abu Dhabi rising as one of the most significant destinations for numerous businesses.

Despite the pandemic crisis, the tourist sector in the UAE is gradually picking up steam, and the Abu Dhabi government is taking initiatives to assist and accelerate the expansion of the emirate’s tourism business.

The Department of Culture and Tourism in Abu Dhabi has modified the pricing model for tourism business licenses, limiting it to Dh1,000 per year. It also includes regulation costs in Abu Dhabi, with the price varying based on the sort of firm registering. Therefore, the adjustments result in a nearly 90% decrease in overall licensing fee expenditures.

Given the struggles the sector has undergone over the last two years, this will be a substantial boost. Many tourist sector enterprises encountered financial challenges and tough decisions while extending their commercial activity in the emirate as a result of the restrictions on travel, vacation, and gathering engagements.

The new business license has a modified fixed-fee structure, with the costs covering fees paid to the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development, the Department of Municipalities and Transport, the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce membership fees, and the Certificate of Conformity issuance fee. The decision creates accountability, decreases administrative burdens for investors, and helps government efforts to build a healthy business climate for the private sector, with a special focus on small and medium enterprises.

“The new licensing fee structure is a tangible demonstration of our unwavering support of the tourism sector and will benefit those wishing to open, continue or expand their tourism business across Abu Dhabi” said Hamad Mohammed Saeed Alsudain, director of licensing and regulatory compliance at DCT Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi has announced many steps to increase the city’s attractiveness to tourists after lifting its borders in July. Retail Abu Dhabi, a division of DCT Abu Dhabi, initiated a campaign to promote the emirate and help it recover from the pandemic. DCT Abu Dhabi is the key engine of the emirate’s cultural and tourist industries’ long-term development, which contributes to economic prosperity and helps the capital city gain international recognition.

DCT Abu Dhabi and Hub71 announced in last November that they would partner with start-ups on strategies to promote the sectors, organize large events, and mentor founders and entrepreneurs. The start-ups chosen for future work will get funding from DCT Abu Dhabi, which will aid in the development of their projects.

The Abu Dhabi government’s larger action plan intends to promote the capital’s industries and the incorporation of tourism related businesses thereby cementing the capital’s status as the desired travel and tourist destination.

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