ADNOC and Santos Collaborate for a Carbon-Neutral Future

ADNOC and Santos Collaborate for a Carbon-Neutral Future
by Aswani

In a groundbreaking move towards global decarbonization, the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) has forged a strategic collaboration with Australian energy giant Santos. This partnership is poised to establish a pioneering carbon management platform, revolutionizing carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies across the Asia-Pacific region.

The agreement sets the stage for the creation of an extensive infrastructure designed to capture, transport, and permanently store carbon dioxide, with a targeted focus on high-emission sectors. Musabbeh Al Kaabi, Executive Director of Low Carbon Solutions and International Growth at ADNOC, underscored the company’s commitment to scaling up CCS capabilities. ADNOC aims to achieve a remarkable 10 million tonnes per annum capacity by 2030, aligning with its ambitious goal of reaching net-zero emissions by 2045.

Al Kaabi emphasized the importance of ADNOC’s contribution to the progress of secure carbon dioxide capture and storage. He conveyed, “In this collaborative effort, ADNOC and Santos will join forces to enhance future carbon management technologies. Our aim is to amplify these innovations by utilizing our collective expertise and experience in the safe transportation, capture, and storage of carbon. This concerted effort seeks to support decarbonization efforts in the Asia-Pacific markets.”

Currently overseeing the Al Reyadah facility, ADNOC has announced substantial investments in carbon capture initiatives at the Habshan and Hail and Ghasha offshore developments. The company aims to elevate its capture capacity to nearly 4 million tonnes per annum. Alan Stuart-Grant, representing Santos, acknowledged the critical need to expand CCS to meet global climate goals. He highlighted the unique position of traditional energy suppliers like Australia and the UAE, emphasizing their inherent advantages in carbon storage and energy supply chains.

This strategic collaboration aligns seamlessly with ADNOC’s recent ventures into CCS and direct air capture (DAC) projects, both domestically and internationally. It strengthens the company’s broader carbon management strategy, with the goal of removing over 2 million internal combustion engine vehicles from roads by the end of the decade.

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