Business Registration in Abu Dhabi – An Overview

Business Registration in Abu Dhabi – An Overview
by manu

Abu Dhabi holds all the key elements which are necessary for industrial growth. It includes exchange of precision, creativity and skills which are highly appreciated by the liberal entrepreneurial market. This place holds the numerous prospects for vast business diversification including sectors like chemical hub, construction industry, food and culinary sector, transport business, metal industry, and petrochemical and gas manufacturing industry.

Business Registration Abu Dhabi can turn into massive success in any of these sectors as Abu Dhabi has following benefits to offer:

  •    Cheap labor and cost effective land rental.
  •    Low cost business taxation, a single tax treaty can cover up for almost 50 international commercial taxes.
  •    Business in Abu Dhabi can earn you global profit with lowest international tax as company tax, VAT, capital gain tax, withholding tax, export/import tax, and personal taxes are minimally reduced for Business Registration Abu Dhabi. The taxes are lower in Abu Dhabi as compared to other six emirates.
  •    Doing business in Abu Dhabi is futuristic and world class economic zone and is in the race of becoming the second biggest industrial and economical capital of Middle East. The lenient financial market is devoid of exchange authorities and the commercial profits are tax relaxed.
  •    Business Registration Abu Dhabi is safe financially as well; the financially sound UAE banks have a constant inflow of cash capitals and are devoid of any uncertainty.
A Few Downside of Business Registration Abu Dhabi:

Doing business in Abu Dhabi is a boon for any investor or share holder but is has some drawbacks as well which are listed as follows.

  •    It is expensive to set up the industry in Abu Dhabi for business as few areas which are mandatory for business like payment of office rentals, mandatory staff recruitment, various government charges, and high payment of share capital.
  •    For Business Registration Abu Dhabi and for dealing in goods in Abu Dhabi any foreign house must have a local citizen legally employed or a UAE citizen shareholder who owns a good portion of the company share.
  •    Because of the above mentioned compulsion company licenses and visas are controlled by the UAE nationals and indirectly have an authority over the house.

Tips for Business Registration Abu Dhabi:

For establishing a successful business here and earning massive profit on a regular basis a few strategies can prove to be eminently helpful:

  •    Proper market research is highly required to start any business. If there is enough demand for the goods in the local market then only financial venture is most likely to be successful.
  •    License is mandatory. Business Registration Abu Dhabi cannot be done without license. A limited liability company license can be obtained from the government web page of Abu Dhabi in the business section of the website. Most foreign houses opt for the LLC license.
  •    There is a legal paradox for getting a company office and office address. Without UAE business license the office cannot be obtained in lease but the without the office address no license is issued. Registering the business as “Incorporation” at first is helpful as by doing this a file comprising of all official details can be obtained. This file is helpful for getting office on rent and for rent negotiation.
  •    Finding local shareholders are also important as for Business Registration in Abu Dhabi. It is an absolute golden rule that at least 51% of the company share should belong to UAE nationals. Finding correct partners is very important as only then the majority of the company profit can remain with the house owner supported by unanimous agreement.