Company Formation In Abu Dhabi – An Entrepreneur’s Dream Business

Company Formation In Abu Dhabi – An Entrepreneur’s Dream Business
by manu

Abu Dhabi, the political capital of the United Arab Emirates is one of the most preferred off shoring destinations in the world. It is one among the most commercially promising seven Emirates of UAE.  It has various prospects for free offshore businesses that are attracting the global entrepreneur crowd.

It offers wide investment opportunities to all economic sectors. The futuristic approach to various economic zones makes this place perfect for industrial development and international financial investments. It accounts for 96%of the country total oil reserve and petroleum. Abu Dhabi is a great place to invest business-wise as the free economic zone has the capacity to house thousands of financial houses, banks, asset control houses and banks. Abu Dhabi is host to a huge global crowd as the major part of its population is composed of foreign people. Company formation in  Abu Dhabi can open great economical as well as social arena for any business owner as this is a place where east meets west.

The industrial market here is dominated by petrochemical abundance but the free industrial zones are suited for just any kind of business. Low budget utility cost is a great benefit of this financial market as international commercial taxes are really low in Abu Dhabi and skilled labor is widely available for all sorts of industries at amazingly cost efficient prices. Business Setup In Abu Dhabi  can turn any entrepreneur’s financial dream into reality. This place can be any global investor’s heaven as this place is rich in petrochemical resources and thus the insurance sector and local banks can provide 100% financial security as they are richly supplied with currencies and capital flow.

Procedures to setup business in Abu Dhabi

Some procedures and legal requirements need to be fulfilled for setting up business in Abu Dhabi. The steps are listed below:

  1. Determining the type of economic activity: Legal procedures and fee may vary depending upon the business activity.
  2. Finding a Local sponsor: As per UAE jurisdiction, foreign companies demand for local sponsor to open a branch office in Abu Dhabi.
  3. Registering the trade name: Trade name distinguishes business and represents its nature and legal form.
  4. Obtaining the initial approval: The approval of general directorate is mandatory to start a business.
  5. Fulfilling the licensing agreement: Various types of license issued by Abu Dhabi licensing authorities are listed below:
  •    Agriculture license
  •    Commercial License
  •    Industrial License
  •    Tourism License
  •    Vocational License

License acquiring and business setup guidelines for Company formation Abu Dhabi:

Company formation  has a few cons involved too. For obtaining an LLC license in Abu Dhabi a commercial address is a must which can be pricey initially due to high land rentals and multiple company establishment government charges and share capitals to be paid can increase the initial commercial establishment cost. The UAE government has specific rules for foreign business set up and that might increase the initial set up value.

An LLC is a must have for opening a company in abu dhabi. The liberal financial authorities of Abu Dhabi are both resourceful and hospitable to their global investors and clients. The official business administration have all the license related instructions and prerequisites sorted in their online page of Abu Dhabi government. All the requirements are clearly stated and they vary as with the various types of businesses; each type of business has their own set of license rules. Onshore, offshore and mainland businesses have different license needs in the free non biased financial zone.

Abu Dhabi Company formation  can be done in two contrasting manner. These are:

  •    Outside free trading zones: This way is most commonly known to commercial crowd but is a bit complicated as well. Here the foreign company needs a UAE local shareholder house or UAE national shareholders who control at least 51% of the overall company share.
  •    Within free business zones: This is the most profitable and convenient way of doing business in Abu Dhabi. In the free zone complete ownership is given to the foreign business owners without local shareholders having control on the expanded foreign business.

Worldwide entrepreneurs willing to expand their business in Middle Eastern countries can safely invest in Abu Dhabi. Business Setup in Abu Dhabi can be immensely profitable for their business as this free trade zone possesses a widespread and precised network that include many skilled business and commerce professionals who can aid foreign business expansion and business formation to worldwide business owners. The global position of this place gives it comfortable access to the overseas economic market of Asian and European countries.