Department of Government Support (DGS) Abu dhabi and its Registration

Department of Government Support (DGS) Abu dhabi and its Registration
by Aswani

What is DGS and how is it beneficial for potential users?

DGS or the Department of Government Support is an initiative by the Abu Dhabi government to get together all the government entities and to create an opportunity for the private sector to be part of the government practices. The main aim of the DGS is to improve the quality of services offered to the customers by the government entities. DGS allows different government entities to work together and initiate new projects and schemes in the future. DGS is also focusing on giving in the “regulatory and operational framework” for the government procurement and bidding and to maintain a centralized-IT based platform for the same.

The DGS allows companies to be part of procurement and tendering processes for the various government entities in Abu Dhabi. This is an attempt to reduce the chasm between the private and government sectors by providing an opportunity of working together as partners.

Who can register with DGS?

Any company with the Abu Dhabi DED license can register with DGS as suppliers. For the Non-Abu Dhabi DED licensed companies, an ‘Entry-Raised Registration Request’ from the government entity for which the company is planning to tender, on the company’s behalf will get them to the registration.

There are numerous government entities that provide the supplier’s registration through the DGS program including the Abu Dhabi City Municipality, Abu Dhabi Digital Authority, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority, Abu Dhabi Sports Council, Dept. of Economic Development, Dept. of Education and knowledge, Dept. of Energy, Dept. of Finance, Dept. of Health, Dept. of Transport, Human Resources Authority and many more. This is a great opportunity for organizations, especially during such a situation where people are in dire need of employment.

The DGS program and its registration might be complicating and you may require some expert advice and service to enroll in it. HLB HAMT, being one of the leading   and the whole of UAE, can assist you with our professional guidelines to be part of the DGS program. We will also provide all the necessary aids for you to complete the registration through our consultation. In addition, HLB HAMT will render our service by completing the registration process for you on your behalf with our prowess.