Free Zone Business Setup Abu Dhabi

Free Zone Business Setup Abu Dhabi
by manu

Abu Dhabi is a boosting economy which is about to become the second largest financial capital of UAE in future. This grand city is an economic hub that allows free flow of business and culture between the east and the west. The local expertise and global professionals from various business sectors are running their business successfully in Abu Dhabi.Abu Dhabi is the next big name in UAE financial emirates; Free Zone Business Setup Abu Dhabi is lucrative for all business people belonging to both local and global economic market.Abu Dhabi is blessed with oil reserves and petroleum companies as compared to other six emirates. The foreigners have looked into this city for their successful business due to its richness in oil and petroleum. But Free Zone Business Setup Abu Dhabi is now all about diversified business opportunity with a government determined to add diversity to the city’s economic backbone. Abu Dhabi is now a renowned business hub with commercial sectors like construction, mass communication, retail, asset management, finance, healthcare, education and more. With growing number of national and international skilled professionals in the city due to great remuneration and liberal work culture the city is gaining more number of global investors in all sectors contributing to the city’s economic boon.

Free Trading Zones V/S Local Trade Zones:

While starting up a business in Abu Dhabi a foreign business owner may choose to work with the Free Zone Business Setup Abu Dhabi where the owner can have complete control over the company business affairs and its profit or may choose to trade outside the free zone in which case local UAE citizens or businessmen control at least 51% of the company share as per the rule of UAE authorities. In order to achieve this, it is very important to find a local sponsor, partner or share holder as they can easily control the majority of business shares which can seriously affect the trade.

Therefore foreigner opts for Free Zone Business Setup Abu Dhabi for investing their money into the trade. Trading in the free economic zones is beneficial to business owners as this gives them complete authority over their own business. These liberal or free trading zones are places within the emirate where the global business is not governed by local business laws but they have to abide by the trade laws of internationally recognized World Federation of Free Trade Zones. In such zones local trade rules are always there but their implementations are not as strong as outside them. Free Zone Business setup Abu Dhabi cannot be tied by local business rules and bindings including local tariffs, local corporate and personal taxes, business quotas etc. A company owner dealing within the free zone thus enjoys such benefits and only has to abide by the international free zone trade rules for fifty years following the first day of the commercial agreement.

A Free Zone Business Setup Abu Dhabi is beneficial for everyone as these are put in place by the government itself. These free zones attract global businesses and owners who wish for a business expansion in the UAE emirates. The increasing foreign businesses instead boost the country’s economy and finances and create numerous job avenues for local and foreign professionals. A free zone business owner gets added benefit of complete freedom to take their all commercial decisions without any shareholder’s interruption or opinion. This is beneficial for businesses of all sizes and variants.