Setting Up Your Business in Abu Dhabi Global Market: Key Insights

Setting Up Your Business in Abu Dhabi Global Market: Key Insights
by Aswani

ADGM refers to the Abu Dhabi Global Market, which is an international financial center located in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). ADGM is a financial-free zone that was established to promote economic development, attract foreign investment, and facilitate business activities. ADGM operates as an independent jurisdiction with its own legal and regulatory framework.

Business Setup in Abu Dhabi Global Market

Setting up a business in ADGM involves establishing a presence within this financial center. Here are some key points about ADGM business setup:

  1. Special Area: ADGM is a special part of Abu Dhabi that is focused on financial activities.
  2. Free Zone: It is like a zone with special rules that make it attractive for businesses. These rules are meant to encourage economic growth, attract investment from other countries, and make it easy for companies to operate.
  3. Independent Rules: ADGM has its own set of laws and regulations. It’s like a small country within Abu Dhabi when it comes to legal and business matters.
  4. Encouraging Growth: The main goal of ADGM is to help businesses grow and bring in money from foreign investors. It wants to be a hub for international business.
  5. Easy Business: ADGM tries to make it easy for companies to start and run their businesses there. This includes special legal rules, facilities, and services.
  6. Financial Center: It’s not just a regular business area – it’s a place specifically focused on financial activities like banking, investment, and other money-related services.

How to start a business in Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM)

ADGM is like a business-friendly neighborhood in Abu Dhabi that is open to companies worldwide, with its own special rules to make things smoother for everyone involved.

ADGM offers a range of services catering to financial and non-financial sectors, facilitating an international business environment. Financial services encompass banking, asset management, insurance, and investment banking. Professional services, including legal, accounting, and consulting, aid businesses in compliance and strategic planning. ADGM encourages innovation through fintech and tech services. Real estate services provide office spaces and property management. Support services assist in business setup, licensing, HR, and recruitment. Trade, commerce, education, and training services contribute to a comprehensive business ecosystem, making ADGM an attractive hub for global enterprises seeking a well-rounded and supportive environment.

Major benefits of business set up in Abu Dhabi Global Market

The Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) offers several key benefits to businesses and investors, making it an attractive destination for international operations. Here are some major benefits:

  • Global Financial Hub: ADGM serves as an international financial center, providing businesses with access to a global network of financial institutions, investors, and markets.
  • Independent Jurisdiction: ADGM operates with its own legal and regulatory framework, offering a stable and transparent business environment that is independent of the broader legal system of the United Arab Emirates.
  • Tax Efficiency: ADGM provides businesses with a tax-friendly environment, including zero corporate and personal income taxes for a specified period, promoting cost efficiency.
  • 100% Foreign Ownership: Foreign investors can have full ownership of their businesses, allowing for greater control and flexibility in decision-making.
  • Flexible Legal Framework: ADGM adopts English common law, providing businesses with a familiar and well-established legal system that enhances legal certainty and transparency.
  • State-of-the-Art Infrastructure: ADGM offers modern office spaces, advanced technology infrastructure, and world-class amenities to support the diverse needs of businesses.
  • Gateway to the MENA Region: Strategically located in the UAE, ADGM serves as a gateway to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, providing businesses with opportunities to tap into a vast market.
  • Business-Friendly Policies: ADGM is designed to streamline business processes, with efficient licensing procedures, simplified company setups, and a range of support services to facilitate operations.
  • Innovation Ecosystem: ADGM encourages innovation, particularly in the financial technology (fintech) sector, providing a platform for companies to develop and implement cutting-edge solutions.
  • Comprehensive Services:A wide range of services, including financial, professional, technology, real estate, and support services, creates a comprehensive business ecosystem, meeting the diverse needs of companies operating in ADGM.

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